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Teriyakish Chicken Sous Vide

This sauce almost has a Chinese BBQ thing going on, with 5 spice, garlic and rice vinegar. But it started with a basic teriyaki recipe from America's Test Kitchen, and we call it Teriyaki, but its not quite that. Its got a little zing, and pairs well with quick stir-fried veggies and it's perfect for using whatever lingers in the back of the fridge, stinky kale, ever present, kid friendly carrots and celery, sliced thin and finished with a few drops of toasted sesame oil? Yum. Y'all got a good name?

Or you could serve it with rice, if veggies aren't your thing.

Also, you're going to need some marinating time, and time for the Sous Vide cook. So, if you're needing a speedy recipe, move along, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

Yield: 2 servings or more if you don't like huge portions (teach me how to be you), 4 Weight Watcher's freestyle points per serving


2 chicken breasts (big? I can only find big ones)
1/4 cup less sodiu…

Everyday Banana Muffins

Warning, I have lots of rambling thoughts on banana muffins, and a little rambling on how to healthy up a muffin recipe. Please. Go right ahead and skip to the ingredients and directions, but do make sure and use really over ripe bananas.

We almost always have a pile of bananas in our house. I buy them hard and green, and I'll eat a few of those until they lose their greenish ends. I like my bananas very firm and almost sour. My husband and youngest son will eat them yellow, to yellow with a few brown freckles. Every so often they will move past this point, into a nearly solid brown, often seeping. Their aroma is slightly alcoholic and rotten sweet, these are perfect for banana muffins.

I think that white patch in the picture is mold. Shh... Don’t tell my children I feed them garbage fruit. The more rotten your bananas, the less sugar you need for a sweet, nana-licious muffin. And less sugar means a more point friendly muffin.

While doing the Weight Watcher's thing I've r…

Sympathy Chili

First of all, I'm really sorry its snowing. You and I know its April, but according to the sad posts on my Facebook feed, in the midwest, its looking more like February. Are you tired of soups and stews? Here's a classic comfort food recipe with, maybe, enough of a twist to reignite your enthusiasm for the white stuff. No? To help you maintain your sanity then.

The Twist:

I'd never heard of Ranch Style Brand BeansⓇ until I'd moved to Texas. My Aunt, a 1960's Texas transplant, insisted I add some to my first pot of non-vegetarian chili. Now, I use turkey, as ground beef still skeeves me out, but the Ranch BeansⓇ contain a healthy dose of rendered beef fat, which will add a nice depth of flavor to your chili.

A word of advice, seriously, don't taste the beans on their own, as they are weird, and sour, and gross. But they do make delicious chili.

Adapted from The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, "All-American Beef Chili", changed slightly for…